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Learn and translate words based on an offline dictionary
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Searches an offline dictionary and displays the meaning and translation of the words you input. Include support for almost 90.000 words and multiple languages like French, German, Italian, Spanish and English. Suggests other words based on the one you enter and features a Text-to-Speech module.

Are you planning a trip to Spain, Mexico or any other Spanish-speaking country? Do you live or work in an area of Spanish-speaking people and want to communicate better with them? Or maybe you want to learn Spanish just for the fun of it? Then, you may wish to try Buensoft's Spanish 3.0 software.

This is an easy-to-use program for learning the basics of the Spanish language in a fun, interactive manner. It has many interesting features, which let you learn and practice your Spanish through enjoyable games and activities. For example, you can match an English phrase with its equivalent in Spanish by playing an electronic version of a memory match card game. Also, you will be asked to form certain words or phrases by sorting out the letters in an arcade-style game. A very interesting feature is the possibility of actually hearing many common phrases read by Spanish-speaking people, so you can learn not only to write, but also to pronounce them.

If you want to try this program by yourself, you can download a trial version from the developer's site. Also, there is a Beta 2008 version available.

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